Welcome to the SVOGV project

I have many years of experience with Web-Frameworks. I’m in the business since the early JavaScript days, know every single bit in jQuery and learnt a lot about Knockout, Angular, and Durandal. But time goes on.

Now Angular is here for a while – the very first time in years – such a strong feeling in our guts that’s now the first step from ancient crap into something really professional. It brings the level we all know from Java and C# and the mature backend frameworks to the front end.

And it goes on. TypeScript is here and know we have something that’s an improvement for front end developers that matters:

TypeScript brings a whole new level to pros like us. And it makes out world easier – at least a bit. And it improves the quality of our product – not just a bit, a whole new step.

The last yearsbrought a lot experience and some nice projects and the outcome is an advanced peace of software that’s going to make our life with Angular a lot easier.

It’s a widget library that bring the power of Bootstrap 4 and Material 5 to Angular and adds some very cool stuff to build sophisticated forms – faster than ever.

We jump to Version 0.6 to reflect the corresponding Angular Version. As this project is still experimental, the Svgov Version is 0.6 for Angular 6, 0.7 for Angular 7 and so on. With Svogv 1, which is in the pipe, we get a new more modular structure and Material support. Stay tuned!