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Angular 2 is the best environment for creating commercial, sophisticated applications that truly replace the traditional legacy Windows desktop apps.

Hence those apps tend to have complex, feature rich and highly specialized components creating a desktop replacement with just some Bootstrap yield no useful results.

That’s why we created a set of specialized, industry level components that help companies facing the challenges of web application development.

Our first product in this line is a Widget set, that consists of the following components:

  • TreeView
  • Grid
  • InfoBox
  • SideMenu
  • DropMenu

The TreeView is just what it is – a widget that shows hierarchical data. The Grid is indeed a grid, but it deals with responsivness and complex data streams much better than common tables. The InfoBox is a simple way to handle all sort of output in form of a tile. It helps building parts of an UI in an instant.

The components are based on Bootstrap 4 and can be themed to adapt to the desired layout.

The components are made exclusively for Angular 2 (Angular 4), no jQuery legacy code included and have been written in TypeScript to achieve high software quality. All components are available as source codes from Github for testing and non-commercial usage.

This is a commercial license package that covers support, software insurance, durable availability (independtly from GitHub and oterh peers) and can customized to your needs without additional cost.